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Okuru Selfbot

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Enhance your Discord experience with Okuru Selfbot.
Fast Nitro Sniper

Okuru Selfbot comes included with one of the fastest Nitro Snipers of all selfbots, times lower than 0.1 seconds!

Full Customization

You can customize Okuru Selfbot to your hearts content! Custom embed images, colours, footers and much more!

250+ Commands

Okuru Selfbot is packed with commands! Abuse, Fun, Text, Tools... you couldn't even name it all! Check out all the commands here.

Clean UI

Okuru is designed to look good, other selfbots main aim is for only features, but ours is a balance!

Frequent Updates

Okuru Selfbot's development team are always pushing new updates!

Custom Scripts

Okuru Selfbot's custom scripts allow you to completely add your own code.

Other Tools

-> Check out tools made by our devs!
Token Checker

A free proxied discord token checker with high CPM

Coming Soon
okuru free

A free selfbot, since all other ones are low quality

Coming Soon
okuru saver

Backup, and restore when your friends and servers so when you get terminated, nothing changes!

Coming Soon